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Subchapter 2. General Requirements. Article 5. Accounting And Reporting Requirements. Service Data Report for Resource and Referral Programs.   

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Contractors operating Resource and Referral programs shall submit reports to the Child Development Division which contain the following data at intervals specified in the annual child development contract:

(a) Number of requests for general child care information and child care referrals.

(b) Age categories of child care requests and referrals:

(1) Infants (birth to eighteen months);

(2) Toddlers (eighteen months to thirty-six months);

(3) Preschool (3 years to kindergarten enrollment); and

(4) School-age (kindergarten enrollment to age 14).

(c) Time categories of child care referrals:

(1) Full-time;

(2) Part-time;

(3) Before and after school;

(4) Occasional (drop-in, temporary, emergency care);

(5) Summer care only; and

(6) Special time categories (nights, weekends, rotating shifts, swing shift, graveyard shift, etc.).

(d) Reasons for requesting referrals:

(1) Employed or seeking employment;

(2) School or training;

(3) Respite care (emergency only);

(4) Parental relief (non-emergency);

(5) Child's developmental or special need;

(6) Child is ill and cannot attend school or usual child care arrangement; and

(7) Child Protective Service referral.

(e) Number of technical services provided:

(1) Written materials;

(2) Telephone consultations;

(3) Program visitations;

(4) Office consultations;

(5) Resource information library;

(6) Toy/equipment lending library;

(7) Published newsletters;

(8) Conducted workshops or conferences;

(9) Attended meetings with child care providers;

(10) Attended meetings with child care related service agencies;

(11) Coordinated workshops or conferences; and

(12) Media contacts.

(f) Referral procedures utilized:

(1) Telephone referrals service;

(2) Answering machine requests for referrals;

(3) Office hours for appointments or drop-in referrals; and

(4) Evening or weekend office hours for referrals.

(g) Types of child care providers in resource file:

(1) Centers;

(2) Family child care home (licensed); and

(3) In-home caregivers.

(h) Responses to referral requests:

(1) Method of response;

(2) Number of responses; and

(3) Languages used to respond.

Authority cited:

Education Code 8261


Education Code 8212

(Amended by Register 2006, No. 20.)