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Subchapter 3. General Child Care Programs. Article 2. Basic Data File. Application for Services; Contents.   

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The application for services shall contain the following information:

(a) The parent's(s') full name(s), address(es) and telephone number(s);

(b) The names and birth dates of all children under the age of eighteen (18) in the family, whether or not they are served by the program;

(c) The number of hours of care needed each day for each child;

(d) The names of other family members in the household related by blood, marriage or adoption;

(e) The reason for needing child care and development services as specified in Education Code Section 8263(a)(2):

(1) Child Protective Services;

(2) Employment;

(3) Training;

(4) Seeking Employment;

(5) Incapacitation of the parent;

(6) Special Need of the Child; or

(7) Seeking Permanent Housing for Family Stability.

(f) Employment or training information for parent(s) including name and address of employer(s) or training institution(s) and days and hours of employment or training, if applicable;

(g) Eligibility status as specified in Education Code Section 8263(a)(1):

(1) Child Protective Services;

(2) Current Aid Recipient;

(3) Income Eligible; or

(4) Homeless.

(h) Family size and income, if applicable;

(i) The parent's signature and date of the signature;

(j) The signature of the contractor's authorized representative certifying the eligibility.

Authority cited:

Education Code 8261

Education Code 8263


Education Code 8261

Education Code 8263

(Amended by egister 2006, No. 20.)