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Subchapter 3. General Child Care Programs. Article 2. Family Data File. Documentation of Income Eligibility.   

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The parent is responsible for providing documentation of the family's total countable income and the contractor is required to verify the information, as described below:

(a) The parent(s) shall document total countable income for all the individuals counted in the family size as follows:

(1) If the parent is employed, provide:

(A) A release authorizing the contractor to contact the employer(s), to the extent known, that includes the employer's name, address, telephone number, and usual business hours, and

(B) All payroll check stubs,a letter from the employer, or other record of wages issued by the employer for the month preceding the initial certification, an update of the application, or the recertification that establishes eligibility for services

(2) When the employer refuses or fails to provide requested documentation or when a request for documentation would adversely affect the parent's employment, provide other means of verification that may include a list of clients and amounts paid, the most recently signed and completed tax returns, quarterly estimated tax statements, or other records of income to support the reported income, along with a self-certification of income.

(3) If the parent is self-employed, provide a combination of documentation necessary to establish current income eligibility for at least the month preceding the initial certification, an update of the application, or the recertification that establishes eligibility for services. Documentation shall consist of as many of the following types of documentation as necessary to determine income:

(A) A letter from the source of the income,

(B) A copy of the most recently signed and completed tax return with a statement of current estimated income for tax purposes, or

(C) Other business records, such as ledgers, receipts, or business logs.

(4) Provide copies of the documentation of all non-wage income pursuant to section 18078(q), self-certification of any income for which no documentation is possible, and any verified child support payments pursuant to section 18078(a) of this chapter.

(b) The contractor:

(1) Shall retain copies of the documentation of total countable income and adjusted monthly income in the family data file.

(2) When the parent is employed, shall, as applicable, verify the parent's salary/wage; rate(s) of pay; potential for overtime, tips or additional compensation; hours and days of work; variability of hours and days of work; pay periods and frequency of pay, start date for the employee. If the employer refuses or is non-responsive in providing requested information or a request for employer documentation would adversely affect the parent's employment, and if the information provided pursuant to subdivision (a)(3) is inconsistent with the contractor's knowledge or community practice, shall request clarification in the self-certification of income, additional income information or a reasonable basis for concluding that the employer exists.

(3) When the parent is self-employed, shall obtain and make a record of independent verification regarding the cost for services provided by the parent that may be obtained by contacting clients, reviewing bank statements, or confirming the information in the parent's advertisements or website.

If the income cannot be independently verified, the contractor shall assess whether the reported income is reasonable or consistent with the community practice for this employment.

(4) May request additional documentation to verify total countable income to the extent that the information provided by the parent or the employer is insufficient to make a reasonable assessment of income eligibility.

(5) To establish eligibility, shall, by signing the application for services, certify to the contractor's reasonable belief that the income documentation obtained and, if applicable, the self-certification, support the reported income, are reliable and are consistent with all other family information and the contractor's knowledge, if applicable, of this type of employment or employer.

(c) If the family is receiving child care and development services because the child(ren) is/are at risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation or receiving child protective services, and the written referral required by sections 18081(b)(9) and (b)(10) specifies that it is necessary to exempt the family from paying a fee, then the parent will not be required to provide documentation of total countable income.

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(Amended by Register 2007, No. 33.)