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Chapter 3. Audits Of California K-12 Local Education Agencies. Article 3. State Compliance Procedures: Local Education Agencies Other Than Charter Schools. Morgan-Hart Class Size Reduction Program.   

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(a) Determine whether the school district received Morgan-Hart Class Size Reduction Program funding pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 6.8 of Part 28 of the Education Code (commencing with Section 52080).

(b) Review the district's report of enrollment for the Morgan-Hart Class Size Reduction Program and trace the data, after determining that it is mathematically correct, to supporting summaries.

(c) Select a representative sample of schools to test, and perform the following procedures:

(1) Verify the mathematical accuracy of the calculation of Active Monthly Enrollment as defined in Section 15141(b)(1) and Section 15140(d) for each class.

(2) Trace site summaries to contemporaneous documentation.

(3) Select a representative sample of classes to verify that each class had not more than 22 pupils enrolled during the school year.

(4) Verify that the school-wide Student to Teacher Ratio as set forth in Section 15141(b)(2) for all participating classes is not more than 20 pupils per certificated teacher.

(5) Review the titles of the participating grade 9 classes to verify that the classes were in courses that count toward completion of the graduation requirements established in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Education Code Section 51225.3, that the classes were in not more than two courses, and that one of the courses was English.

(d) If any of the classes reported for Morgan-Hart Class Size Reduction Program funds are determined to have been ineligible, prepare a schedule summarizing the results of all procedures and presenting the noncompliant classes by grade level, course title, number of classes, amount of full year equivalent enrollment (FYEE) as defined in Section 15140(e), for grade 9 classes, or number of pupils, for grade 10, 11, and 12 classes, incorrectly reported as eligible, and the amount of Morgan-Hart Class Size Reduction Program funding claimed on the basis of the FYEE or those pupils. Include the data for each ineligible class only once, even if the class was found ineligible in more than one of the steps in the audit procedures. Include the schedule in the Findings and Recommendations section of the audit report.

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