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Subchapter 24. American Indian Education Centers. Article 1. General Provisions. Selection of Applications for Grant Awards.   

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(a) Each complete application that meets the deadline for submission shall be reviewed by a panel of reviewers selected by CDE. The CDE shall establish criteria for selection of the reviewers and train the reviewers to score grant applications consistently.

(b) Applications shall be reviewed and assessed according to the degree to which the application fulfills the requirements of applicable statutes and these regulations, including:

(1) The extent to which the application is designed to promote the culture and the academic achievement of American Indian pupils as demonstrated by the alignment between identified needs and the proposed program.

(2) The extent to which the application is designed to achieve measurable outcomes that address the needs identified in the comprehensive needs assessment.

(3) The extent to which the applicant's actual and/or proposed organization structure, history of service to the American Indian community, and demonstrated organizational capacity are indicative of the ability to assure successful program implementation.

(4) The type and intensity of services to be provided to the targeted population, and the number of pupils and other participants to be served.

(5) The potential impact of the proposed service plan on pupils, their families, and other organizations in the region as evidenced by the implementation of promising practices or proven strategies.

(6) The completeness of the description of the proposed service area, including the identification of currently existing services and service deficits.

(7) The degree to which the AIEC will collaborate with the existing service-agencies as evidenced by collaborative agreements that clearly detail the responsibility of collaborating entities.

(c) All applications will be ranked according to their assessed score. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the applicant's rank and the applicant's funding priority as defined in section 11996.1(j).

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(Amended by Register 2007, No. 43.)