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Subchapter 24. American Indian Education Centers. Article 1. General Provisions. Reporting Requirements.   

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(a) Each grant recipient shall provide an annual report to the CDE. The report shall be due 60 days from the end of the grant period, and shall contain the following information:

(1) number of pupils enrolled by grade level or age;

(2) number of pupils served by grade level or age and service type and frequency;

(3) a description of how the center meets the continued educational and cultural needs of the community that it serves;

(4) a description of the collaborative activities conducted during the year;

(5) progress made in meeting its stated objectives, including applicable program objectives as stated in Education Code section 33381;

(6) AIEC program enrolled pupil aggregated performance on state academic assessment measures;

(7) recommendations for revisions to the project and its budget based upon an analysis of the data by the grant recipient.

(b) Each grant recipient shall submit annually a report containing the results of an independent fiscal audit of expenditures. This report is due on April 30. A one time 60 day extension shall be granted if a request for the extension is made prior to April 30 and demonstrates good cause for such an extension. Grant funds may be used to pay for the preparation of these reports.

(c) The AIEC's shall submit quarterly fiscal expenditure reports. The expenditure reports shall be received by the CDE within six weeks of the end of each quarter. The reports shall be signed by the AIEC accounting officer, and will have two components:

(1) an AIEC summary report by CDE budget line item,

(2) a general ledger which shows the quarter's expenditures in detail.

(d) Failure to submit the annual report, quarterly fiscal reports, or results of the fiscal audit of expenditures by the due dates will result in a delay of the second payment for the current year and all payments for subsequent grant years until the reports are submitted.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33382


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(Amended by Register 2007, No. 43.)