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Subchapter 24. American Indian Education Centers. Article 1. General Provisions. Fiscal and Program Monitoring.   

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(a) The reports received from the AIEC shall be received by the posted due dates and shall be assessed for completeness, accuracy; for use of funds as authorized in law and regulation; and for use of funds as described in the application of the AIEC. The AIEC shall correct any omissions or inaccuracies in the reports and correct any unauthorized expenditures by charging the unauthorized expenditure to a non-AIEC grant fund source.

(b) Program monitoring shall be conducted through CDE review of quarterly and annual reports, written communication, and on site reviews. When problems in implementing program services or achieving program objectives are encountered, the CDE shall schedule meetings, site visits, and/or phone calls to provide training and/or technical assistance to the grant recipient.

(c) The CDE shall provide the AIEC with a written report of any findings, including recommendations, corrective actions and a timeline for the corrective actions, if necessary.

(d) If the CDE determines that the AIEC has not met the terms of the approved application or the law or these regulations, then the AIEC shall be notified by certified mail of any such failure to comply with the terms of the application, laws or regulations. This notice shall specify the time line for corrective action. After issuance of the notice the CDE has the option to amend the time line for corrective action. If the grant recipient does not take action to bring the program into compliance, the CDE shall terminate program funding.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33382


Education Code 33370

(Amended by Register 2007, No. 43.)