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Subchapter 24. American Indian Education Centers. Article 1. General Provisions. Grant Amount Revisions.   

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(a) The CDE may reduce grant amounts based on the following conditions:

(1) An across the board reduction will be made in the event of an allocation reduction in the state budget. Each AIEC's grant amount will be reduced proportionately to the reduction in the Budget Act.

(2) If any services budgeted in an AIEC's application or approved budget revision are not provided within the grant year or first quarter of the subsequent grant year and if a grant extension is not provided pursuant to section 11996.10, the CDE shall reduce the grant award to the AIEC accordingly.

(b) When supplemental funds are made available through the Budget Act, the CDE shall determine whether such funding supports establishment of additional center programs. If so, a new request for applications shall be issued and the requirements listed in section 11996.03 shall be enforced.

(c) When additional funds are made available through the Budget Act for Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA), the CDE will augment each funded AIEC's proportionately. In order to receive the augmentation each AIEC must submit a Program and Budget Amendment. The Program and Budget Amendment must be received by the CDE 45 days from release and must contain:

(1) A description of how the additional funds will support the existing program.

(2) If the agency plans to use the additional funds to add or revise objectives, then the agency must include Modifications to Objectives including a revised timeline.

(3) A detailed budget for the COLA including narrative.

(d) If the agency does not submit the required forms by the due date, then the agency forfeits the COLA.

(e) If for any reason grant funding awarded to an AIEC is returned to CDE or never allocated to an AIEC, the AIEOC shall provide input and advice to the SSPI on the use of the funds. Options for use of the funds shall include, but are not limited to, proportional allocation to existing grantees and allocation via competitive application.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33382


Education Code 33382

(Amended by Register 2007, No. 43.)