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Subchapter 4. English Language Learner Education. Duties of School Districts.    

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A school district applying for CBET funding shall provide certification to the State Board of Education (SBE) that:

(a) It has read and is familiar with the California Code of Regulations, title 5, sections 11315 and 11315.5; and


(b) It will develop a CBET plan pursuant to Education Code sections 315.5, 316.5 and 317. The plan shall be approved by the governing board of the school district and shall be reviewed and revised as necessary, or at a minimum of once every three years.


Authority cited:

Education Code 316

Education Code 33031


Education Code 315

Education Code 315.5

Education Code 316

Education Code 316.5

Education Code 317

(Added by Register 2008, No. 19.)