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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 2. Special Elementary School Reading Instruction Programs [Fna1]Article 4. Allowances To Districts For Employment Of Specialist Teachers And Salaries Of Librarians<<Subchapter 2. Special Elementary School Reading Instruction Programs Reporting For Allowances   

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(a) Each specialist teacher's name and Specialist Teacher in Reading certificate number.

(b) The school or schools in which each teacher serves.

(c) The priority order (Education Code Section 54163) under which the teacher is authorized.

(d) The salary of each teacher including the specialist teacher stipend authorized by Education Code Section 54166.

(e) The number of specialist teachers served by librarians.

(f) The total salaries of librarians serving specialist teachers.

From the information received on this preliminary certification of actual participation and as early in the school year as possible, an apportionment of allowances will be made.

(Amended By Register 2008, No. 37.)