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Subchapter 19. Charter Schools. Article 2. General Provisions. Categorical Funding for Charter Schools Renewed by a Different Authorizer.   

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(a) A charter school whose charter is not renewed by the chartering authority but is subsequently approved on appeal by the county office of education or the SBE, and a charter school initially approved by a County Office of Education or the SBE on appeal and subsequently renewed by the district that previously had denied the charter, shall continue to be eligible for class size reduction funds provided that the charter school had applied for class size reduction funds in 2008-09 either directly or through its authorizer.

(1) A charter school that applied through its authorizer in 2008-09 shall, for purposes of Education Code section 52124.3, continue to be eligible for funding through its authorizer for the same number of classes for which its authorizer applied for funding on its behalf in 2008-09 and all subsequent years during which the school was operational. In order to receive funding, a charter school must provide timely reports of actual enrollment in each participating class, pursuant to Education Code sections 52124 and 52126, to its 2008-09 authorizer.

(2) A charter school that is eligible for funding pursuant to this subdivision shall not be eligible for class size reduction funding pursuant to section 42606.

(3) This subdivision shall be in effect until such time as Education Code section 52124.3 is no longer in effect.

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