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San Mateo Un HSD |  AR  4131.1  Personnel

Teacher Support And Guidance   

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Selection of Support Providers

Any employee designated by the Superintendent or designee as a support provider shall, at a minimum, meet the following qualifications:

1. Possess a clear credential

(cf. 4112.2 - Certification)

2. Have at least three years of full-time teaching experience

3. Have demonstrated effective communication skills, subject matter knowledge, and mastery of a range of teaching strategies necessary to meet the needs of students

The Superintendent or designee may establish a districtwide or school site advisory committee to verify that candidates fulfill the qualifications established by the district, interview candidates, and recommend candidates to the Superintendent or designee.

(cf. 4113 - Assignment)

The Superintendent or designee may regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the support provider and may reassign or revoke his/her designation as a support provider.

(cf. 4115 - Evaluation/Supervision)

(cf. 4117.4 - Dismissal)

(cf. 4118 - Suspension/Disciplinary Action)


approved: December 11, 2014 San Mateo, California