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Subchapter 1. Elementary Instructional Materials. Adoption of Curriculum Frameworks, Evaluation Criteria and Instructional Materials - Procedures. For State Board procedures relating to text books, see Div. 20. Public Comments Regarding Content of Instructional Materials.   

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(a) Oral and written public comment, whenever submitted, addressing the content of instructional materials should specifically identify the instructional material and page number where the subject content appears and, if pertinent, provide a reason as to why the content is inaccurate or does not meet the content standards, curriculum frameworks, evaluation criteria or social content standards and, if pertinent, suggest a correction to the identified problem.

(b) Any written comment from a member of the public regarding the content of instructional materials that is received by the Executive Director of the Commission not less than 14 days prior to the first date set for review panel deliberations in the Schedule of Significant Events, will be distributed to the review panel that is reviewing the instructional material that is the subject of the comment not less than 7 days before the first day of deliberations. Notice of these deadlines, and the Executive Director's mail, email, and facsimile addresses, shall be posted on the CDE website and at the LRDCs on the date when instructional materials being submitted for adoption are to be delivered to the LRDCs.

(c) Nothing in this section shall restrict a member of the public from directly addressing a state body, orally or in writing, at any publicly-noticed meeting relating to the adoption of instructional materials.

(d) During each day of deliberations there shall be at least two opportunities for public comment.

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