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Content of Diplomas and Degrees.   

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(a) Every diploma and degree document conferred by an institution shall contain at least all of the following:

(1) The full name of the institution;

(2) The address of the institution or the city of its principal campus or administrative facility;

(3) The date the document is issued;

(4) The full legal name of the recipient;

(5) A full and clear citation of the diploma course completed, the course of study or discipline in which the degree is earned, or the distinction on which the honorary degree is conferred, as appropriate.

(b) Honorary degrees may be granted by an institution provided that, the honorary degree has on its face, in letters no smaller than those used for the specific name of the degree, either the word "Honorary" in English or the words "Honoris Causa."

(c) The title of any degree awarded by an institution structured by schools of theology authorized by Education Code Section 94310.4 shall include specific language that identifies the degree as one of theology or ministry.

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(Amended by Register 89, No. 8.)