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Hearing Procedures.   

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(a) Any person or institution whose application for an agent's permit, approval, authorization, or Certificate of Authorization for Service has been denied may file a request within 30 calendar days after mailing of the final notice of denial for a hearing. Such request shall be in writing and addressed to the superintendent in care of the Office of Private Postsecondary Education, 721 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, California 95814. The request shall be deemed filed upon receipt by the Office.

(b) All proceedings to determine the validity of actions to deny, suspend or revoke approvals, authorizations, Certificate of Authorization for Service, or agents' permits are governed by the Administrative Procedure Act (commencing with Section 11500 of the Government Code). The Accusation or the Statement of Issues shall be "Before the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of California" and filed by the Office of Private Postsecondary Education.

(c) Each case shall be heard by the hearing officer sitting alone.

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