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Public Hearings.   

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(a) Notice. The State Board may hold a public hearing regarding any matter pending before it, after giving the 45 day notice as required by the California Administrative Procedures Act. Such notice shall include adequate descriptive matter relating to the subjects to be considered in hearing.

(b) Alternative hearing. The State Board may direct that a public hearing be held before staff of the State Library, an advisory commission to the State Board, or a standing or ad hoc committee of the State Board regarding any matter which is, or is likely to b, pending before the State Board.

(c) Speakers.

(1) Notice. Persons wishing to address the State Board on a subject to be considered at a public hearing, should present a request to the Secretary four (4) working days in advance of the meeting at the office of the Secretary, stating the subject they wish to address, the organization they represent, if any, and the nature of their testimony. Persons wishing to address the Board, who have not presented a request four days in advance, may be heard at the discretion of the presiding officer.

(2) Copies of Statement. The speaker may provide a written copy of his statement to the Secretary 24 hours in advance of the hearing.

(3) Public Testimony. At or before the hearing at which oral comments from the public are to be received, the State Board or other hearing body shall determine the total amount of time that will be devoted to hearing such oral comments, and may, at its discretion, determine the time to be allotted to each person or to each side of an issue.

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(Amended by Register 81, No. 21.)