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General Provisions. Education Audit Appeals Panel - Conflict of Interest Code.   

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The Political Reform Act, Government Code Section 81000, et seq., requires each state and local government agency to adopt and promulgate a conflict of interest code. The Fair Political Practices Commission has adopted a regulation, 2 Cal. Code of Regs., Section 18730, which contains the terms of a standard conflict of interest code. It can be incorporated by reference and may be amended by the Fair Political Practices Commission after public notice and hearings to conform to amendments in the Political Reform Act. Therefore, the terms of 2 Cal. Code of Regs., Section 18730, and any amendments to it duly adopted by the Fair Political Practices Commission are hereby incorporated by reference and, along with the attached Appendix in which members and employees are designated and disclosure categories are set forth, and the place of filing is specified, shall constitute the conflict of interest code of the Education Audit Appeals Panel (agency).

Designated employees shall file statements of economic interests with the agency, which shall make the statements available for public inspection and reproduction. Upon receipt of the statements of the members of the Panel or their designees and of the Executive Officer, the agency shall make and retain copies of the statements and send the originals to the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Authority cited:

Government Code 87300


Government Code 87300-87302

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(Amended by Register 2007, No. 23.)