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Chapter 1 General Provisions Definitions   

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The following definitions shall apply to these regulations:

(a) —Üinal audit report—†means:

(1) for an annual audit conducted pursuant to Education Code Section 41020, the report that has been accepted by the Controller pursuant to Education Code Section 14504, and

(2) for any other audit or review conducted by or for a governmental agency that includes one or more apportionment significant exceptions requiring repayment, the report issued following an opportunity to provide a written response to a draft report;

(b) —êanel—†means the Education Audit Appeals Panel.

(c) —êarties to the appeal—†means the local education agency that is pursuing an appeal to the Panel, the Controller, and any applicant(s) allowed to intervene pursuant to Government Code Section 11440.50.

(d) —ìummary review—†means the voluntary, informal, summary appeals process set forth in Education Code Section 41344.1(d).

Authority cited:

Education Code 41344.1


Education Code 14504

Education Code 41020

Education Code 41344

Education Code 41344.1

(Added by Register 2004, No. 20)