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Chapter 3 Audits of California K-12 Local Education Agencies Article 3. State Compliance Requirements Regional Occupational Centers and Programs   

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Verify that the monthly site attendance summaries provide accurate information by performing the following procedures:

(a) Reconcile the monthly totals (days of apportionment attendance) on the site's attendance summary to the summary maintained by the local education agency for the Annual attendance reports.

(b) Select a test month in the Annual attendance reporting period. Verify the mathematical accuracy of the monthly report and trace the totals to the site's attendance summary.

(c) Select a representative sample of classes (teachers), and trace the monthly totals from the monthly report to the data origination documentation. Verify the mathematical accuracy of the attendance registers, scantron summaries, or other data arrays.

(d) Verify that hourly attendance accounting was used.

(e) Verify that attendance was not credited for more than the scheduled class time.

(f) Verify that the local education agency used individual teacher-certified records of the minutes of each pupil's or student's actual attendance for classes (sometimes termed laboratory class, community classroom, workplace learning, or cooperative education setting) that were not conducted in a fashion that required all pupils/students to be present at a set time or in which more hours of class time were available than the minimum number of hours pupils/students had to attend to receive full credit.

(g) If any inappropriately reported units of Average Daily Attendance are identified through the foregoing audit procedures, recalculate, consistent with the provisions of Education Code Section 46303, the correct number of units of Average Daily Attendance. Include a statement in the Findings and Recommendations section of the audit report of the number of units of Average Daily Attendance that were inappropriately reported for apportionment and an estimate of their dollar value. NOTE

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