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Solicitation Of Funds From And By Students   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that student participation in fund-raising activities for the schools and nonprofit, nonpartisan charitable organizations can help develop a sense of social responsibility in students, enhance the relationship between the school and community, and contribute to the improvement of the school program.

(cf. 1325 - Advertising and Promotion)

(cf. 4135/4235/4335 - Soliciting and Selling)

(cf. 5022 - Student and Family Privacy Rights)

(cf. 6142.4 - Service Learning/Community Service Classes)

Whether solicitations are made on behalf of the school or on behalf of a charitable organization, students shall not be barred from an event or activity because they did not participate in fund-raising. Potential donors, including parents/guardians and members of the community, should not be unduly pressured to contribute to the school system or charitable organizations. Staff is expected to emphasize the fact that donations are always voluntary.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that parents/guardians are informed of the purpose of fund-raisers.

Solicitations on Behalf of the School

With the prior written approval of the Superintendent or designee, official school-related organizations may organize fund-raising events involving students.

(cf. 0420 - School Plans/Site Councils)

(cf. 1230 - School-Connected Organizations)

(cf. 1260 - Educational Foundation)

(cf. 3290 - Gifts, Grants and Bequests)

(cf. 3554 - Other Food Sales)

Solicitation of Funds

The following provisions shall govern community solicitations:

1. School-sponsored events in which only students participate, such as sports, drama, musicals, car washes, etc., will not be restricted.

2. School-sponsored events in which students cooperate with other agencies for charitable or humanitarian purposes such as walk-a-thons, disaster relief programs, or poverty programs will not be restricted.

3. School-sponsored events in which students take the initiative to share or work with outside organizations, such as carnivals, fairs, or exhibitions, will be restricted to one event per semester per school.

4. School-sponsored events in which student sell products such as candy, magazine subscriptions, or Christmas cards, will be restricted to two solicitations per semester per school. In product solicitation or sales, programs will be limited to a two-week duration. Solicitation of sales will take place only within each school's attendance boundary. The criteria for deciding which group will solicit shall be left to the discretion of the student government of each school under the guidance of the principal.

Expenditure of Funds

Money raised by student organizations must be expended impartially within the declared purpose of the organization.

Funds shall be expended subject to procedures established by the student body organization, subject to the approval of the Superintendent or his designated representative, the certificated employee who is the designated advisor of the student body organization, and a representative of the particular student body organization.

Any funds of a student body organization which are invested or deposited shall be subject to the provisions of the Education Code and to review by the Superintendent or his designated representative.

Student organizations shall not be permitted to acquire ownership of fixed assets.

Contract Agreements

Student body organizations shall contract in their own behalf. Any such contract entered into by a student body organization shall be signed by the president of the organization, or his designated representative, and by the advisor to the organization in his capacity as advisor. (example of such contracts are yearbooks, concessions, dance bands, or other entertainments.)

Legal Reference:


51520 Prohibited solicitations on school premises

51521 Unlawful solicitations of contribution or purchase of personal property for benefit of public school or student body; exception


17510-17510.95 Charitable solicitations


319-329 Raffles


6361 Sales tax exemption for certain sales


11706 Dangerous activities and occupations

Management Resources:


Healthy Food Policy Resource Guide, 2003


Guide to Charitable Solicitation, 1999

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Office of the Attorney General:


adopted: July 15, 2010 San Mateo, California