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San Mateo Un HSD |  BP  4116  Personnel

Probationary/Permanent Status   

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Probationary Status

The performance of each probationary employee shall be evaluated and assessed at least once every school year.

(cf. 4115 - Evaluation/Supervision)

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

Permanent Status

Granting of permanent status shall be based on completion of the probationary period in accordance with applicable law. (Education Code 44932-44988)

(cf. 4117.4 - Dismissal)

(cf. 4117.6 - Decision Not to Rehire)

Legal Reference:


44466 Status of university interns

44850.1 No tenure in administrative or supervisory position

44885.5 Status of district interns

44908 Complete year for probationary employees

44911-44913 Service not computed in eligibility for permanent status

44915 Classification of probationary employees

44917-44921 Status of substitute or temporary employees

44929.20 Continuing contracts (not to exceed four years - ADA under 250)

44929.21 Districts of 250 ADA or more

44929.23 Districts with less than 250 ADA

44929.28 Employment by another district

44930-44988 Resignations, dismissals and leaves of absence, especially:

44948.2 Election to use provisions of Section 44948.3

44948.3 Dismissal of probationary employees


adopted: July 15, 2010 San Mateo, California