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Student Organizations And Equal Access   

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Schoolsponsored student organizations must be organized at the school, have a certificated advisor, be composed completely of current student body members and be approved by the Superintendent or designee in accordance with Board policy. They shall hold the majority of their meetings at school and have a democratic plan for the selection of members. Organization activities shall not conflict with the authority and responsibilities of school officials.

The Superintendent or designee shall not deny any studentinitiated group access to school facilities during noninstructional time on the basis of religious, political, philosophical or any other content to be addressed at such meetings. The Superintendent or designee shall provide for a limited open forum on noninstructional time so that any such meetings do not interfere with regular school activities.

The Superintendent or designee shall identify the noninstructional time period(s) set aside for limited open forum meetings before or after actual classroom instruction times.

The Superintendent or designee shall insure that student meetings are voluntary, with no direction, control or regular attendance by nonschool persons, and that students leave the meeting place in a clean, orderly and secure condition after their meetings.

School staff shall not promote or participate in these meetings, but may be assigned voluntarily to observe them for purposes of maintaining order and protecting student safety.

Meetings held within the limited open forum shall entail no expenditure of public funds beyond the incidental cost of providing the meeting space. Any announcement of meetings shall clearly state that the group is not sponsored by the school or school staff. Such announcements may be posted in accordance with Board policy and state law applicable to all students, but students shall not use the school's equipment or public address system to publicize the meetings of groups not sponsored by the school.

(cf. 5145.2  Freedom of Speech/Expression)


approved: January 17, 1995 Danville, California

revised: March 22, 2016