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Athletic Academic Eligibility Standards


The top priority of all involved with student athletes will be academic achievement. Part of the student-athlete responsibility is learning how to plan ahead, prioritize and comprehend one's time limitations and responsibilities. When unavoidable conflict exists between athletics and academics, academics must take priority. This implies that the student athlete is responsible for any consequences for missing team activities.

In order for any student to remain eligible for athletic competition, he/she must remain in compliance with all of the following requirements. These requirements involve standards and expectations from CIF, CCS, and SCCS District.

Section A: Posting Eligibility

1. Athletic Eligibility will be determined for Soquel and Harbor High School by grades received at the end of the #1, #2, #4 and #5 six week grading period and each semester.

2. The #3 and #6 six week grading periods will not be used to determine eligibility at Harbor and Soquel High Schools

3. Eligibility will be determined at Santa Cruz High School at the end of 5 week progress reports #1, #2, #3, and #4 and each semester reporting period.

4. Eligibility reports for all student athletes from all three comprehensive high schools (HHS, SCHS and SHS) will be posted the Wednesday following the end of the #1, #2, #4, and #5 six week grading period and at the end of each semester.

5. SCHS will post eligibility lists on the same day as HHS and SHS based on the preceding progress report

6. Eligibility will be determined only by grades posted at the indicated grading periods

7. Grades must be posted within the district computer system

8. Progress reports of any other type will not be used to determine eligibility

9. Grade changes, including Incompletes, can only take place at the end of each indicated grading period.

10. Grade changes for clerical errors on the part of the instructor may be made prior to the end of the following grading period. This grade change may alter a student's eligibility status

11. Turning in late work will not change eligibility status until the following grading period eligibility checks have been completed

12. An Incomplete grade will be assigned the same value as an F (0 Grade Points) when determining GPA eligibility

13. All discussions of any requested grade changes by an athlete that are tied to eligibility will originate in a meeting with the athlete and/or parents and the Athletic Director.

a. This preliminary discussion will not include the teacher.

b. All discussions regarding teacher's role and the changing of a grade will take place between the teacher and the Athletic Director

Section B: Number of Current Units Required for Eligibility by Semester

1. Every athlete must have earned the following minimum number of units each semester in order to be eligible for participation

2. Total unit eligibility will be determined by the following schedule:

* End of Semester 1 30 Units

* End of Semester 2 55 Units

* End of Semester 3 85 Units

* End of Semester 4 110 Units

* End of Semester 5 135 Units

* End of Semester 6 180 Units

* End of Semester 7 205 Units

3. Or student must have earned at least 60 units during the previous two semesters (Plus summer school)

4. Cabrillo credits may be applied for eligibility and graduation if:

a. Credits are taken during the summer session

b. Credits are taken during the normal school year and not offered at the SCCS school site

(1) This class does not count toward the minimum number of classes an athlete must be enrolled at his/her SCCS Site to be eligible (See Section C)

Section C: Number of Classes required for each grading period

1. All eligible Harbor and Soquel High 9th, 10th and 11th grade athletes must be enrolled and attending a minimum of six classes on campus to be eligible

2. All eligible Harbor and Soquel High School 12th grade athletes must be enrolled and attending at least five classes on campus to be eligible

3. All eligible Santa Cruz High School 9th, 10th , 11th , and 12th grade students must be enrolled and attending a minimum of three classes on campus to be eligible

4. ROP Classes must be taken during the normal school day at a SCCS site in order to count as an on campus class

Section D: Probation and Ineligibility Status Defined

1. Probation status is considered a warning

* Student can practice and compete at all team contests and at coach's discretion

* Student must seek academic assistance during the probation period

2. Ineligible status indicates that the student athlete cannot play in any team contests

* Student athlete may practice at coach's discretion

* Student must be attending after school tutorials and/or obtain other tutorial assistance

3. Student deemed to be ineligible may regain eligibility only when the next grading period has been posted, provided all eligibility criteria have been met

4. If an athlete is on probation, he/she must meet all eligibility requirements at the end of the next grading period or will be moved to ineligible status

5. See Section E for SCHS Excel considerations

Section E: Rules and Standards for Eligibility

1. Standards for eligibility are based on current grade point average, overall grade point average, total units earned by semester, and the presence of F's within current and previous grading periods

2. If the student athlete is above a 2.0 GPA and no F's within a grading period, and meets the total unit requirement by semester, as indicated in Section B, he/she is eligible to practice and compete

3. If a student athlete is below a 2.0 or has an F in the current grading period, he/she is on probation (See definition in Section D)

4. If the student athlete is below a 2.0 and has an F in the current grading period, he/she is ineligible with no probation period (See definition in Section D)

5. If the student athlete has two or more F's in the current grading period, he/she is ineligible with no probation period

6. If the student athlete has any combination of being below a 2.0 GPA or an F in any two consecutive grading periods (current and previous grading period), he/she will be ineligible. In other words, a student that is on probation for two consecutive grading periods will be ineligible

7. If the student athlete fails to maintain the required number of units as outlined in Section B of this document, he/she will be ineligible with no period of probation

8. Transfer students from within the district must meet all eligibility guidelines for SCCS

9. Consideration of the Excel Schedule at Santa Cruz High School

a. Any student athlete with a single F will be considered to be ineligible with no probation period

b. Student may not compete in games but may practice at coach's discretion

Section F: Eligibility Appeal Process

1. Each school site will develop an Athletic Appeal Board consisting of the Principal, Athletic Director, Counselor, and any teacher directly involved with any appeal process.

2. The purpose of the AAB is to hear and render decisions regarding all eligibility appeals

3. If a special education, 504 or ELD student becomes ineligible, an IEP, 504 or LRT team will convene to determine if the student's disability or lack of language skills is the cause of the ineligibility

The Athletic Director must be a part of this IEP, 504 or LRT meeting

4. If the ineligibility of the special education, 504 or ELD student is a result of a disability or language issue, the Athletic Appeal Board may reinstate eligibility status under a contract that meets all criteria established by the IEP, 504 or plan developed by the LRT Team for the student to remain eligible

5. All other ineligible student athletes are entitled to an appeal process. The appeal can be granted by the Athletic Director or the Principal.

The Athletic Appeal Board will meet to determine if there were extenuating circumstances that could allow a reversal of the ineligible status

6. If an appeal is granted, a contract may be established that exceeds the above standards to remain eligible

Section G: Age Requirements

A student whose nineteenth (19) birthday is on or before June 14th of the previous school year cannot participate or practice with any CIF team

Section H: Loss of Eligibility

Any athlete that loses their eligibility due to grades, forfeits all rights and privileges to letters, awards and any credit due from an Athletic PE class that he/she may have been otherwise entitled to receive for that sport's season

Section I: Re-Gaining Eligibility

1. Individual students will not be declared eligible or off probation until a computer printout of all eligibility reports is generated at the end of each grading period has been completed

2. Summer school grades may not necessarily improve eligibility. The following factors are to be considered:

* A summer class can replace a semester class grade only when the summer school class is an exact duplicate to the class taken during the normal school year

* A summer class will be added to the semester class grades if it is not a duplicate class

* This additional grade will not eliminate a failed class grade

* The failing grade must be counted in total GPA in determining eligibility

Section J: Attendance

1. Students must be in attendance 5 out of 6 classes (2 out of the 3 periods at SCHS) in order to be eligible for participation on that school day for athletic

2. If a student-athlete is absent from school for "unexcused reasons," he/she is not eligible to participate in athletics for that day's activities

3. Students found to have participated in athletic events having failed to meet the above requirements will sit out the next scheduled athletic event

4. Student-athletes who are excused early for a game are responsible for all class assignments, notes, exams and any other missed assignments that are missed

5. Making up work after school is not an excuse to miss practice without consequences. Missing practices will result in disciplinarian action by the coach

6. If work needs to be completed after school, the student-athlete must communicate with their coach prior to missing practice and accept the consequences for missing team activities

Section K: Quitting a Sport

1. If an athlete quits a team after making that team, he/she will not be eligible for another team until the current season is completed

2. This will include all post season play by that team


Residential Eligibility

1. A student has residential eligibility upon enrollment in:

a. The ninth grade of any CIF high school or

b. Tenth grade of any CIF high school from the ninth grade of a middle school or

c. Any CIF school as a member of an approved foreign exchange program as outlined by by-law 212

Changing Schools-Transfers

1. A student may have transfer eligibility provided the student is compelled to move from any school to a CIF school due to:

a. A legal change of residence from one school attendance area to the attendance area of the new school by the parent(s), legal guardian(s) or care giver with whom the student was living when the student established residential eligibility at the prior school or

b. A ruling by the Governing Board of a school district, which has two or more high schools, provided the change of school is not the result of disciplinary actions

c. Students living with caregivers are not automatically athletically eligible

Changing Schools-Open Enrollment

Any student transferring under provisions of the SCCS open enrollment policy, either public or private may be restricted from VARSITY competition for one year upon transfer from school A to school B.

A Hardship Appeal must be completed and submitted

1. 214 transfer rule

2. 205 C 20-semester unit requirement, or

3. 204 change of a semester of attendance

The transfer must be completed during the first 15 days of the new academic year

The transfer must not be the result of disciplinary action

The receiving school must certify that no consideration was given to the athletic performance of the student accepting the transfer

Age Limitations

No student whose nineteenth birthday is attained prior to June 15 shall participate or practice on any team.

Competition on an Outside Team

A student on a high school team becomes ineligible if the student competes in a contest on an "outside" team in the same sport, during the student's high school season of sport.


approved: April 21, 2010 Soquel, California