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Guidelines for Student Acceleration

When a student is identified as having high academic achievement and is considered by school staff as a candidate for acceleration, the school site will conduct an SST Meeting that includes the school counselor and/or psychologist to review assessments, classroom performance and the student's level of maturity. The SST Team will advise the principal regarding the potential acceleration. Final decisions regarding acceleration are made by the principal with the possible appeal to the superintendent.

Guidelines for Acceleration out of Transitional Kindergarten into Kindergarten

If a student is enrolling in school for the first time into a Transitional Kinder program and a parent wishes to appeal placement into the Kindergarten program, the district will administer both an academic and social-emotional readiness assessment to determine Kindergarten placement. An SST will not be convened in cases of TK acceleration.


approved: January 15, 2013 Soquel, California