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Concept And Roles In Instruction   

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The Board of Education, recognizing the primary purpose of education, places high value on planning, implementing and evaluating the instructional program.

The Board, shall allocate resources, provide equipment, materials of instruction and such other facilitating action as may be required to best meet the needs of the professional staff to educate the students of the district.

The Board directs the Superintendent and staff to keep it informed regarding the achievement of students as it relates to the goals and objectives of the district as adopted by the Board. This will enable the Board to best evaluate the educational system and instructional program, guide improvement efforts and foster approval of the schools in the community.

Board of Education

The Board of Education:

1. Decides the general scope of the local educational offerings in addition to those offerings required by law.

2. Adopts courses of study in supplement to those of the state and county upon recommendation of the Superintendent.

3. Passes upon instructional procedure relating to controversial matters, such as those relating to religion, science, social and governmental organizations, etc., within the limits of law.


With the staff, the Superintendent:

1. Approves the purchase of instructional materials and equipment.

2. Schedules classes for the various types of training and assigns space for them.

3. Assigns instructors for the various curricular offerings.

4. Decides the general methods of instruction to be used.

5. Provides for the continous revision of courses of study and presents those to the Board for adoption.

6. Provides for the evaluation of the school system through testing and other types of appraisal.

7. Directs the work of such special consultants the Board may employ.

Legal Reference:


51000 et seq. Legislative intent for education program

51004 Graduation with marketable skills

51040-51041 Role of local agency

51050-51057 Enforcement of courses of study

51200-51205 Required courses of study (general)

51210-51213 Course of study grades 1 to 6

51215-51219.5 Student progress, elementary and secondary schools

51220-51228 Courses of study grades 7 to 12

51260 et seq. Drug education


3543.2 Scope of representation


6321 Fiscal requirements/comparability of services


adopted: 11/12/86 Santa Maria, California