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Santa Maria-Bonita SD |  BP  6141.2  Instruction

Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs   

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The instructional program of the schools may include references to religion or the use of religious literature, art, music or any other aspect of religion when such references are incidental to or are used to illustrate the subject matter being taught. Such instruction should be designed to broaden the students' understanding of and tolerance for the multiple ways of life practiced by the peoples of the world.

The important distinction is made that the schools may teach about religion, but must not favor the beliefs and customs of any religion, nor any sect of any religion, over any others in such teaching.

Any instruction in these schools which may be contrary to a student's religious beliefs and teachings may be viewed as optional for that student.

Legal Reference:


51240 Excuse from health instruction and family life and sex education due to religious belief

51511 Religious matters properly included in courses of study


adopted: 11/12/86 Santa Maria, California