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Equipment, Books, and Materials

The Board of Education believes that the selection and use of instructional materials should be determined by the instructional programs that are properly planned at each school and approved by the Board.

The building principal or site administrator shall assume primary responsibility for coordinating and planning, development and administration of procedures for evaluating, selection and ordering of instructional materials at the building level in accordance with the provisions of Education Code, Administrative Code, Title 5 and directives of the State Department of Education. The building principal shall insure adequate opportunity for parents, community members and teachers to be involved in the process of recommending instructional materials for purchase and use in the school.

The Superintendent shall coordinate the planning, development and administration of procedures for the selection, ordering and evaluation of instructional materials among the various building principals and shall regularly report on these procedures to the Board.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for the development of procedures for determining the obsolescence of instructional materials previously adopted by the Board and for the development of procedures for the donation or sale of surplus or undistributed obsolete instructional materials in accordance with state and district regulations.

The Board shall adopt instructional materials and make decisions in respect to the use of district funds to supplement state funds for the purchase of instructional materials.

Legal Reference:


1241 Duty of county superintendent to enforce use of state textbooks and of high school textbooks adopted by the proper authority

1720-1723 Preparation of courses of study

18111 Exclusion of books by governing board

35272 Educational and athletic materials

44805 Teachers enforcing proper use of instructional materials

51501 Subject matter reflecting on race, color, etc.

51510 Prohibited study or supplemental materials

60003 School district governing board powers

60010-60028 Definitions

60040-60047 Requirements, materials

60070-60076 Prohibited acts (re instructional materials)

60110-60111 Instructional materials on drug education

60200-60206 Elementary school materials (selection and adoption)

60260-60265 Local ordering procedures (including involvement of teachers, parents and community)

60400-60414 High school textbooks: adoption and selection

60420 Disposal of old high school textbooks

60500-60530 Obsolete materials


Section 7.5 Adoption of instructional materials


3543.2 Scope of representation, concerning right of organization to be consulted on instructional materials


adopted: 11/12/86 Santa Maria, California