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Procedures and Criteria for Selection and Evaluation   

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Equipment, Books and Materials

Purpose of Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide consistent, systematic standards for selecting instructional materials proposed for use in California's public elementary schools to ensure compliance with the Education Code and with the regulations which implement that Code.

School libraries are maintained to enrich and support the educational program of the district. One of the major objectives of the educational program is to develop informed and responsible citizens who understand American freedoms and who are committed to preserving them. Books and instructional materials are to be selected which will contribute to this objective as well as such specific objectives as the development of reading skills, literary appreciation, factual knowledge, aesthetic values and ethical standards.

The final adoption of books and instructional materials rests with the Board of Education. The selection of books and instructional materials shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent.

Criteria for Selection

1. Should meet the needs of the individual school based on knowledge of the curriculum and on requests from administrators and teachers.

2. Should meet the needs of the individual student based on knowledge of children and youth and on requests of the students.

3. Should provide a wide range of materials on all levels of difficulty with diversity of appeal and the presentation of different points of view.

4. Should provide materials of high artistic quality and superior format.

5. Should consult as guides reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection aids.


Materials offered as gifts are accepted with the understanding that they will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria set forth for selection, and only materials meeting these standards will be added.

Sponsored Materials

Sponsored materials will be added to the materials collection only if they meet the criteria set forth for selection, and are free from advertising which is excessive, obtrusive or objectionable.

Consideration of Objections to Materials in Use

If instructional materials in use, which have been selected and used according to district policy and criteria, are questioned, it is the responsibility of the Board through the Superintendent to appoint a committee of teachers, librarians and administrators to reevaluate the material and make recommendations concerning it.


approved: 11/12/86 Santa Maria, California