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Santa Maria-Bonita SD |  AR  6161.2  Instruction

Overdue, Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials   

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Property of the district lent to students is to be returned in a timely manner, with no more than usual wear and tear. If the property has been willfully cut, defaced or otherwise damaged, or if the student refuses to return it on demand of an employee of the district, the district may, after affording the student his/her due process rights, withhold the grades, diploma, or transcripts of that student until the parent, if the student is a minor, or the student has paid for the damages to the property.

The district will notify the student's parent or guardian of the student's alleged misconduct before withholding the student's grades, diploma, or transcripts. If the parent or guardian, or the student, is unable to pay for the damages or to return the property, the district will provide a program of voluntary work for the student in lieu of the payment of monetary damages. On completion of the voluntary work, the grades, transcripts and diploma shall be released.

(cf. 5131.5 - Vandalism/Violence)

Legal Reference:


48904 Willful misconduct; limit of liability of parent or guardian


approved: 11/12/86 Santa Maria, California