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Curriculum Consultants   

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Curriculum Information Adjunct Specialists - Special Curriculum Materials

The Board of Education has made a designation of Curriculum Information Adjunct Specialist (CIAS) for certain certificated employees. The purpose of the CIAS designation is to fully utilize the information and unique skills of certificated personnel on a wide basis of interest to improve the educational programs for children.

Not more than three (3) such CIAS assignments will be made each year. The CIAS will be allowed remuneration not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100) upon completion of the requirements stated below:

1. Selection:

Certificated employees may be referred or may individually make application for the designation and utilization in the capacity of a CIAS by submitting an application to the Director of Instructional Services. The application will be reviewed by the Director and his/her staff, taking into consideration the fact that the designation must include the specific area of the curriculum, grade level and subject where the particular skill or potential will be utilized. The skill or supplementary information must materially aid in the educational program of the children concerned.

On the matter of educational travel, the CIAS will submit a group of approximately fifty (50) slides or equivalent material covering the curricular area involved, which will become the property of the district.

Upon recommendation of the Director of Instructional Services, the Superintendent shall review the request, and may approve the applications when the stated requirements are met.

2. Remuneration:

The Board will compensate each CIAS for expenses incurred in supplying the skill or information in the agreed-upon form, a sum not to exceed a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100), when the activity has been satisfactorily completed. The CIAS is responsible for submitting a request for payment to the Director of Instructional Services who will certify for processing in the Business Office.

The Superintendent is hereby directed to establish procedures, develop forms or take other measures as necessary, to implement this policy.


approved: 11/12/86 Santa Maria, California