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Home And Hospital Instruction   

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Home and hospital instruction is used as a means to provide temporarily disabled regular and special education students with individual instruction. Students may receive home and hospital instruction upon receipt of a doctor's written recommendation.

Administration of Home and Hospital Instruction

The Director of Pupil Personnel Services is the home and hospital administrator for regular and special education students. The administrator shall:

1. Ensure that home and hospital services are carried on in accordance with state law, personnel procedures, district policy and regulation.

2. Approve the enrollment of all students and facilitate the implementation of the home and hospital program.

3. Coordinate home and hospital teachers and other staff involved with the program.

4. Coordinate all necessary records and reports and submit enrollment and attendance information to the district's business department.

Home and Hospital Teachers

1. Home and hospital teachers shall be supervised by the home and hospital administrator with the assistance of the principal.

2. The principal of the school the student attends may recommend teachers to provide home and hospital instruction. The teacher may be the student's regular classroom teacher.

3. The student's classroom teacher shall work with the home and hospital teacher in order to provide instructional materials and to ensure continuity of instruction during the student's absence.

4. Classroom teacher(s) and the home and hospital teacher are jointly responsible for providing input for grades based on all work assigned during the grading period. The grade will be recorded by the student's classroom teacher.

Provision of Services

1. Home and hospital teaching services may be provided at the student's home only when an adult is present.

2. Services may be provided at the student's home school, the school where the student is presently enrolled, or other district-designated location.

3. Services may be provided at the hospital where the student is a patient. These services are provided by the district in which the hospital is located.

Attendance and Accounting


District records kept by the home and hospital administrator shall identify all regular education and special education students participating in the home and hospital program and shall specify the grade level, program placement, and school in which each student is enrolled.

Records shall include the following:

1. A copy of the district policy, administrative regulations and procedures related to home and hospital instruction.

2. A list of regular education and special education students who have participated in the home and hospital program. This list shall be used as an attendance register and shall be maintained separate from classroom attendance records. This attendance register shall be sent to the business office at the end of each school month.

Procedures for Requesting Home and Hospital Services

1. The Principal or designee, upon receipt of a physician's written notification and determination that the student is unable to attend school, is to notify the School Nurse. The parent is responsible for obtaining information from the physician for the school. The physician's statement must request home study and state the dates of the home study request. If the condition is contagious, it must be stated that there is no danger to the home teacher. The School Nurse will forward the physician' s statement to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services.

2. Home and Hospital instruction shall not be denied to students with Hepatitis B, herpes, or HIV/AIDS, as long as the Home and Hospital program practices current preventive protocol as determined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

3. The Pupil Personnel Services office will notify the school secretary of the dates for enrollment and disenrollment in the program.

4. Home and hospital services are to be terminated when the doctor's written recommendation expires.


adopted: January 10, 1996 Santa Maria, California

revised: March 7, 2012