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Use Of Technology In Instruction   

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All district employees shall strictly observe copyright laws related to computer software and information available on the Internet. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that such software and information, both published and available over the Internet, is used and duplicated in accordance with software licensing and publishing copyright agreements. Public domain software may be duplicated and exchanged with other schools and staff as long as the software is district approved. No illegal copies of copyrighted software or published materials shall be accepted or used in the district.

Selection of Educational Software

The following guidelines shall be considered when evaluating educational software:

l. Skill levels required to operate the program are commensurate with the skill levels being taught or practiced.

2. Instructions are clear and complete, and the program operates as specified in the instructions.

3. Program objectives relate to State and District Standards or Objectives and are explicitly stated or readily apparent to the learner.

4. Responses to learners are helpful and encouraging.

5. Users can easily and independently operate the program.

6. The pace of the program can be controlled by the teacher or learner, unless pacing is an essential element of the instructional strategy.

7. Unanticipated learner input does not disrupt program operation.

8. Screens are well formatted, with appropriate use of sound and graphics.

9. Support materials include:

( A description of the hardware required to use the program

( Procedures for installing the software

( Provisions for the replacement of defective software

( A description of program content and objectives, usage in various instructional settings and suggested related classroom activities

10. Compatibility with district-owned computers and/or network has been verified by the Technology and Information Services Department.


approved: February 13, 2002 Santa Maria, California