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Chapter 2. Pupils.Subchapter 4. Statewide Testing of Pupils and Evaluation Procedures .Article 1.5. Education Improvement Incentive Program For "vision screening" testing for pupils, see Sections 590-596.Computation of Change in a School's Performance.   

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(a) The formula in subdivision (b) shall be applied by the California Department of Education to all secondary schools eligible to compete in the Education Improvement Incentive Program and whose performance in the prior fiscal year has decreased from that in the next preceding fiscal year. All schools with a 12th grade enrollment of 50 students or fewer and all continuation education schools are excluded from the computation.

(b) The formula:

(1) Subtract the school's prior year composite score on the California Assessment Program (CAP) from the current year score to compute a change score.

(2) Regress the number of students tested in CAP and the square of the number of students tested onto the change score using a standard multiple regression procedure.

(3) Using the results of the multiple regression, compute a predicted change score.

(4) Subtract the actual change score obtained by the school from the predicted change score to obtain a residual.

(5) Studentize the residual to have a mean of zero and a standard deviation of 1.

(6) Identify those schools which have a studentized residual equal to or less than minus 1.5. A studentized residual is the ratio of the residual to its standard error after the model has been fit and predicted change scores and residuals calculated. The predicted change scores are calculated from the estimated regression equation. The residuals are calculated as actual minus predicted.

(7) For those schools identified in paragraph (6) of this subdivision, the incentive award for the current year shall be based on the improvement in performance between the current year and the 1983-84 fiscal year or the fiscal year in which the school first participated in the incentive program.

(c) Any school whose incentive award is adversely affected by a calculation pursuant to subdivision (b) may appeal to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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