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Article 3. School District Reports. Reports by School Districts.   

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The governing board of each applicable school district shall report information in accordance with instructions provided on forms furnished and prescribed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction for making the following determinations:

(a) For kindergarten and grades 1 to 3, inclusive (the status for kindergarten to be shown separately):

(1) The number of classes.

(2) The number of pupils enrolled in each class as defined in Section 15104(d).

(3) The average number of pupils enrolled per class as defined in Section 15104(e).

(4) The total of the numbers of pupils which are in excess of the standard in each class in which the number of pupils enrolled exceeds that standard.

(b) For grades 4 to 8, inclusive:

(1) The total number of pupils enrolled.

(2) The number of full-time equivalent classroom teachers at the end of the sixth school month.

(3) The average number of pupils per each full-time equivalent classroom teacher.

Such reports shall be filed with, and at the same time as, average daily attendance reports are required to be filed under the provisions of Education Code Section 41601 for the "second period" report for the Second Principal Apportionment.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)