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Establishment of School Bus Fleet Classes.   

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As a basis for determining expenditures upon which allowances shall be computed 16 classes of school bus fleets for districts are hereby established.

The 16 classes are as shown in the following schedule, wherein capital letters indicate the average number of hours of bus operation per day, and Roman numerals indicate the average size of buses so operated:

Average hours of bus operations per day


Average size of buses Less than 4-5 6-7 8 or more

in number of rows 4 hours hours hours hours

I. Less than 7 rows A-I B-I C-I D-I

II. 7-8 rows A-II B-II C-II D-II

III. 9-10 rows A-III B-III C-III D-III

IV. 11 or more rows A-IV B-IV C-IV D-IV