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Article 4. Additional Records and Available Information (Districts Maintaining Own Transportation System). Available Information.   

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Each school district operating its own system shall have available the following information for immediate inspection, or submission to the Superintendent of Public Instruction if required:

(a) A statement of how gasoline, oil, and other supplies are purchased and stored, and if equipment other than school buses use supplies from the same storage facilities.

(b) A statement of how repairs are made to buses, how changes are made, and how separated if only general shop charges or total billing system is used.

(c) A schedule of driver's salary, time worked, and if driver is paid for other services, how much, and from which object classification of the budget.

(d) A schedule of salaries for personnel engaged in the maintenance and repair of buses and how salaries are prorated if work other than on school buses is done by the same personnel.

(e) A listing of accessories replaced and identified by item, bus, and cost.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)