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Legal Resources | Title 5 |  T5  15261  

Record of Transportation Expense.   

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Each school district operating its own system shall maintain records which will show:

(a) Items of Expense. All expenses for the following items: gasoline, oil, grease, repairs to school buses, maintenance supplies, replacement of buses, replacement of accessories, salaries and wages of school bus drivers, salaries and wages for upkeep of buses, insurance authorized by law, and all other expenses in connection with the operation and maintenance of pupil transportation.

(b) Capital Outlay. All expenses of capital outlay, including all new equipment, for pupil transportation shall be identified by each item and date of acquisition.

(c) Expense of Replacement. The record shall show the original expense incurred for each item being replaced as well as the portion of the cost of the new item which has been charged to replacement and the portion which has been charged to capital outlay.

(d) For Each School Bus Operated.

(1) All expenses for supplies, maintenance, and repairs.

(2) Miles traveled by the bus in transporting pupils.

(A) Between home and school.

(B) Other than between home and school.