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Article 5. Reports. Annual Report.   

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Each school district shall submit an "Annual Report of Pupil Transportation Expenses" (Form No. J-141) to the Superintendent of Public Instruction at such time as he may require and in accordance with instructions thereon. The report shall be accompanied by documents relating to the following items, as described:

(a) Insurance. A schedule and certificate of insurance, using Form J-141-A, certified to by the insurance agent or company and by the governing board of the district, or its authorized agent.

(b) Buses Replaced. A report, using Form J-142, on each school bus replaced during the fiscal year, or during a prior fiscal year for which the district will be eligible for a replacement allowance.

(c) Use for Community Recreation. A statement with respect to transportation, if any, furnished for purposes of community recreation as provided in Education Code Section 39835 that contains the following information:

(1) The total number of buses so used.

(2) Identification of each bus.

(3) The purchase price paid for each bus, less the value of items required by Section 15272 to be deducted.

(4) The total miles traveled under district ownership by each bus during the school year.

(5) The total miles traveled during the school year by each bus under district ownership for the aforesaid purposes.

(d) Use for Out-of-State Transportation. A statement, with respect to out-of-state transportation, if any, furnished pursuant to Education Code Section 16861 that contains the following information:

(1) The facts specified in subsections (c) (1)-(c) (5).

(2) The general route, including destination, of each bus used on such out-of-state transportation.

(e) Reason for Exceeding 125% of Median. A statement, with attached vouchers, justifying any expenditures for necessary replacement of the engine or necessary major overhaul whenever they caused the district to exceed 125% of the median average cost described in Section 15249.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)