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Chapter 14. School Finance.Subchapter 6. Revenue Limits for School Districts.Article 2. Recomputation of 1978-79 School District Revenue Limits.Note: For fiscal responsibility of County Superintendents.Use of Actual Data.   

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References shall be made in this article to the form, schedules, and worksheet issued by the Local Assistance Bureau (LAB) of the California Department of Education for use in recomputing the revenue limit/block grant in the 1978-79 fiscal year. The amounts to be used in making the recomputations described herein shall be those reported to the LAB on the specified form or schedules issued by the LAB, unless authorization to use computer tape has been granted.

Authority cited:

Education Code 42246


Education Code 42237-42245

(Amended by Register 2010, No. 52.)