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Calculation of Statewide Average 1978-79 Adult Revenue Limit.   

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The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall take the amount shown on 1979-80 Schedule BB, Line 1, computed pursuant to Section 42237(c) (4) (A) of the Education Code and multiply this amount per ADA by the 1978-79 mandated adult ADA shown on 1979-80 Form K-12, Line K-4. The product of this calculation will be summed for all districts with adult programs. The amount obtained will then be divided by the statewide 1978-79 mandated adult ADA (1979-80 Form K-12, Line K-4) generated in the adult education program as specified in Item 316.1 of the Budget Act of 1978 (Chapter 359, Statutes of 1978). This quotient, rounded to the nearest dollar, is the 1978-79 statewide average adult revenue limit.

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