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Chapter 14. School Finance.Subchapter 7. Revenue Limits for County Superintendents of Schools.Article 2. Computation of Revenue Limits for 1979-80.Note: For fiscal responsibility of County Superintendents.Use of Official Schedules.   

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The (LAB) Local Assistance Bureau of the California Department of Education (CDE) shall provide an official form and schedule to use in making the computations required by this article. This form and schedule shall be known as FORM O, FORM FOR THE COMPUTATION OF 1979-80 REVENUE LIMIT FOR THE COUNTY SCHOOL SERVICE FUND; and SCHEDULE W, SCHEDULE FOR THE COMPUTATION OF 1979-80 REVENUE LIMITS FOR PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED AND MENTALLY RETARDED PROGRAMS. This form and schedule shall be used in making these computations and in reporting to the CDE, LAB.

The LAB shall issue three sets of official forms and schedules for use in computing 1979-80 revenue limits. These forms and schedules shall have the designations "P-1," "P-2," and "A" and shall be used to collect the data for use in making the First Principal Apportionment, Second Principal Apportionment, and Annual Recalculation of the Apportionment, respectively. The LAB shall modify the forms and schedules as frequently as may be required, consistent with any legislation enacted subsequent to the approval of these regulations.

Authority cited:

Education Code 2550-2558


Education Code 2550-2558

(Amended by Register 2010, No. 52.)