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Article 6. Coordination of the Educational Program by the County Superintendent. Definition.   

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For the purposes of Section 1703 of the Education Code, coordination of the educational program consists of the actions, efforts, and procedures of a county superintendent, directed to one or more districts, to:

(a) Enforce minimum educational standards

(b) Improve the educational program

(c) Promote order and reasonable uniformity in the educational program

(d) Effect working relationships between school districts and other agencies serving youth whose functions are related to the programs of the public schools

(e) Promote effective and efficient operation of the programs of instruction and special services in the areas of courses of study, guidance services, health services, special education, attendance activities, library services, audio-visual services, and advisory services in school business administration among the districts under his jurisdiction.

Authority cited for Article 6:

Education Code 1703

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)