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Claims for Travel Expense.   

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A claim for travel expenses shall be submitted in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the county board of education pursuant to Sections 1040 and 1042 of the Education Code. The following minimum requirements shall apply:

(a) The purpose of the trip is shown.

(b) Sufficient detail is provided to establish that the expenses incurred were actual and necessary to accomplish the purpose of the travel.

(c) The claim is approved by an officer designated by the county superintendent.

(d) Accompanying the claim are receipts or vouchers except for the following:

(1) Where published tariffs are available, and the travel is wholly within the State.

(2) Where subsistence allowance is paid for travel within the State.

(3) Taxi or hotel bus fares.

(4) Fares and tolls paid for public transit, ferries, and bridges.

(5) Long distance telephone or telegraph charges under $2.50.

(6) All legal expenditures of $1.00 or less.

(7) Parking fees less than $3.00.

(e) Any claim shall be disapproved which does not comply with the minimum provisions set forth in this section.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)