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Subchapter 6. California High School Exit Examination. Article 2. High School Exit Examination Administration. California High School Exit Examination Test Site Coordinator.   

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(a) Annually, the district coordinator or the superintendent of the school district shall designate a test site coordinator for each test site. The designee shall be an employee of the school district or the person assigned by a nonpublic school to implement a student's IEP.

(b) The test site coordinator shall be available to the district coordinator for the purpose of resolving issues that arise as a result of the administration of the CAHSEE.

(c) The test site coordinator shall oversee the administration of the CAHSEE to eligible pupils or eligible adult students at the test site in accordance with the manuals or other instructions provided by the test contractor for administering the CAHSEE including, but not limited to, the following responsibilities:

(1) Determining test site and test material needs;

(2) Arranging for test administration at the test site;

(3) Training the test examiner(s), test proctors, and translators as provided in the test contractor's manual;

(4) Completing a Test Security Agreement and Test Security Affidavit as set forth in section 1211.5 prior to the receipt of test materials;

(5) Overseeing test security requirements, including collecting and delivering all completed Test Security Affidavit forms to the school district office from the test examiners and other site personnel involved with testing. All Test Security Affidavits shall be maintained for 12 months from the date signed;

(6) Overseeing the acquisition and inventory of test materials from the school district and the distribution of test materials to the test examiner(s);

(7) Maintaining security over the CAHSEE and test data as follows:

(A) Delivering the test materials only to those persons who have signed the Test Security Affidavit and who are administering the CAHSEE on the date of testing; and

(B) Ensuring that strict supervision is maintained over each eligible pupil or eligible adult student who is being administered the CAHSEE both while the eligible pupil or eligible adult student is in the room in which the CAHSEE is being administered and during any period in which the eligible pupil or eligible adult student is, for any purpose, granted a break during testing.

(8) Overseeing the collection of all pupil data as required to comply with sections 1205, 1206, and 1207;

(9) Overseeing the collection, inventory, and return of all test materials to the district coordinator no later than the day following adminstration of the CAHSEE;

(10) Ensuring that an answer document is submitted for scoring for each eligible pupil in grade 10 enrolled in the test site on the testing dates;

(11) Assisting the district coordinator and the test contractor in the resolution of any discrepancies between the number of CAHSEEs received from the district coordinator and the number of CAHSEEs collected for return to the district coordinator; and

(12) Immediately notifying the district coordinator of any testing irregularities, security breaches, or suspected security breaches at the test site before, during, or after the administration of the CAHSEE.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33031


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(Amended by Register 2009, No. 45.)