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Chapter 15. Child Nutrition Programs Subchapter 1. Food Sales, Food Service, And Nutrition Education Article 5. California Fresh Start Pilot Program Definitions.   

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As used in this article and the CFS Pilot Program, the term:

(a) "After school" means following the end of the school day. For kindergarten pupils, "after school" means following the end of a morning or afternoon session.

(b) "Deep-fried" means any fruit or vegetable cooked by total submersion in oil or fat.

(c) "Department" means the California Department of Education.

(d) "Funds" means program reimbursement provided by the Department pursuant to provisions of the CFS Pilot Program.

(e) "Fresh fruits or vegetables" means whole or portioned fruits or vegetables, including, but not limited to, those that are minimally processed.

(f) "Fruit" means ripened seed-bearing part of a plant developed from a flower, usually considered to be sweet and fleshy, as in apples, oranges, plums or strawberries.

(g) "Fruit bar" means a self-service counter featuring an array of fruits.

(h) "Give priority to" means that fresh fruits or vegetables shall be served unless they are not reasonably available on a commercial basis within program funds.

(i) "Grab and Go" means food that is packaged in a bag, box, or other container that can be picked up quickly and eaten "on the go."

(j) "Juice" means the extractable liquid that is contained in fruits or vegetables. Any liquid or frozen product labeled "juice," "full-strength juice," "100 percent juice," "single-strength juice," or "reconstituted juice" is included in this definition.

(k) "Meal" means breakfast, as defined in 7 CFR 220.2(b).

(l) "Minimally processed" means fruits and vegetables prepared and handled to maintain their fresh nature while providing convenience to the user by pre-cleaning, washing, trimming, coring, slicing, shredding, and other similar actions. Other terms used to refer to minimally processed products are "lightly processed," "partially processed," "fresh processed," and "prepared."

(m) "Nonprofit [school] food service" means all food service operations conducted by the School Food Authority principally for the benefit of school children, all of the revenue from which is used solely for the operation or improvement of such food service.

(n) "Nutrition education" means a broad range of activities that promote and enable healthy eating behaviors.

(o) "Nutritious fruits or vegetables" means fruits or vegetables that are fresh, or that are canned, dried, or frozen. Fruits or vegetables that are canned, dried or frozen shall contain no added sweeteners other than 100 percent fruit juice.

(p) "School Breakfast Program" (SBP) means the federal program operated pursuant to 7 CFR 220.

(q) "Serving" means an amount of fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s), equal to one half (1/2) cup or as referenced in Charts 2A and B of the USDAFood Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs (2001 edition), which is incorporated by reference.

(r) "Site" means a public elementary school, middle school, junior high school, or high school, including a charter school, in California, operating classes for pupils in a single building or complex of buildings, or any public classes of preprimary grade when they are conducted in the aforementioned school that participate in the School Breakfast Program.

(s) "Supplant" means "to substitute for" and/or "take the place of."

(t) "Supplement" means (1) an additional serving to the number of fruit or vegetable servings provided in the SBP prior to claiming CFS Pilot Program reimbursement, or (2) increasing, by no less than 90 percent of the CFS Pilot Program reimbursement, the total expenditure for nutritious fruits or vegetables served as part of a SBP.

(u) "Tasting and Sampling" means offering a taste or small portion of fresh fruits and/or vegetables to pupils not as part of the SBP or National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

(v) "Universal classroom breakfast" means providing all children breakfast in the classroom at no charge.

(w) "Vegetable" means a plant cultivated for an edible part, such as the root, stem, leaf, or flower, such as spinach, broccoli or carrot.

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