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Article 1. California School For The Deaf. Definitions.   

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For the purposes of this article, the following definitions shall apply:

(a) "Assessment of suitability for placement" is the period of evaluation and review for purposes of determining whether the California School for the Deaf (CSD) is the appropriate placement for a deaf applicant.

(b) "Deaf applicant" is a pupil who seeks admission into the CSD's educational program and whose primary disability is severe hearing loss. A deaf applicant may also demonstrate the ability to use spoken language and may require related speech services.

(c) "Enrollment" is the registration of the deaf applicant into CSD's educational program.

(d) "Severe hearing loss" is a hearing loss so severe that it adversely affects the pupil's educational performance and ability to access the general education curriculum in a regular education program so that direct instruction using sign language is required.

(e) "Temporary assignment" is an applicant's presence at the CSD for purposes of completing an assessment of suitability for placement at the school. A temporary assignment shall not exceed the time limits set forth in Education Code section 56344(a), and does not guarantee admission. For purposes of stay put, a temporary assignment shall not constitute the last agreed upon placement.

Authority cited:

Education Code 59020


5 CCR 3030(a)

Education Code 56342(a)

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(Added by Register 2007, No. 33.)