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Article 1. California School For The Deaf. Eligibility for Enrollment in CSD's Day Program.   

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The California Schools for the Deaf provide intensive, specialized services to students with or without additional disabilities whose primary education needs are due to their deafness. A deaf applicant who meets the following criteria may be eligible for enrollment or continued enrollment in the California School for the Deaf's (CSD) Instructional Program:

(a) The deaf applicant demonstrates the ability to learn and/or use American Sign Language as the primary mode of communication to access instruction, including as follows:

(1) The deaf applicant attends to communication in the environment;

(2) The deaf applicant visually attends to others in the environment;

(3) The deaf applicant evidences an understanding or awareness of the intended communication;

(4) The deaf applicant initiates or sustains interactions with others; and

(5) The deaf applicant has the ability to respond to a majority of instructions in an academic, functional, social, and self-care situation.

(b) The deaf applicant demonstrates that his or her primary educational needs are related to a severe hearing loss with or without additional disabilities.

(c) The deaf applicant demonstrates that he or she can benefit educationally from an ASL environment.

(d) The deaf applicant demonstrates the ability to access the general education or alternative curriculum with reasonable accommodations without requiring a fundamental alteration of the educational program of CSD.

Authority cited:

Education Code 59020


5 CCR Section 3030(a)

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(Added by Register 2007, No. 33.)