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Article 1. California School For The Deaf. Eligibility for Enrollment in CSD's Residential Program.   

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Deaf applicants eligible for the CSD's day program are not automatically enrolled into the residential program. Enrollment into CSD's residential program is a separate and distinct consideration even for a pupil currently enrolled in CSD's day program. A deaf applicant who meets the criteria established by section 17662 may also be admitted into CSD's residential program, if CSD determines:

(a) The deaf applicant resides beyond a 60-minute commute each way between home and CSD using transportation the LEA provides for day pupils.

(b) The deaf applicant has the ability to respond independently and appropriately to life-threatening situations.

(c) The responsible local school district and parent/guardian have approved the deaf applicant's placement in the residential program.

(d) The deaf applicant does not have a history of un-rehabilitated behavior that poses a threat to themselves and/or others, including but not limited to substance abuse, fire-starting, sexually predatory behavior, or assault.

Authority cited:

Education Code 59020


Education Code 59020

(Added by Register 2007, No. 33.)