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Article 2. California School For The Blind. Admission Process for the California School for the Blind (CSB).   

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For purposes of determining whether an applicant is qualified for enrollment in CSB, the following process shall be followed:

(a) The school district of residence (LEA) shall refer an applicant to CSB by submitting an application packet to CSB.

(b) The completed application packet must be received by CSB within 60 calendar days of the referral. It is the responsibility of the LEA to complete the application packet and submit it to CSB. Applications not completed within 60 days of the referral shall be returned to the applicant's district of residence (LEA), and the applicant shall not be assessed for suitability of placement at CSB.

(c) The Application shall contain the following information, assessments and reports:

(1) The last three years of IEP or IFSP if completed;

(2) An Ophthalmologic or optometric assessment completed within one year of the date of the application;

(3) The current assessments and/or reports prepared pursuant to Education Code sections 56320, et seq. and 56352, and as required to comply with Education Code section 56381; and

(4) Any additional assessments and/or reports dated within two years of the date of the application of admission which document:

(A) The impact of the applicant's vision or vision and hearing loss,

(B) The applicant's inability to visually or visually and auditorily access the general education curriculum; and

(C) Any other disabilities, conditions, or behaviors that may affect the applicant's ability to access the general education curriculum.

(d) Once a completed application has been received, CSB shall initiate and complete an assessment of suitability for placement at CSB, in accordance with Education Code section 56344. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant's district of residence (LEA) to ensure compliance with Education Code section 56321 prior to CSB's commencement of the applicant's assessment for suitability for placement. This assessment plan may include temporary assignment at CSB for purposes of determining eligibility for enrollment in the day or residential program and should include any necessary and appropriate amendments to the IEP to ensure appropriate services during this temporary assignment.

(e) Prior to the completion of the assessment of suitability for placement at CSB, the applicant's IEP team, including the appropriate CSB personnel, shall meet to determine the appropriate placement. The IEP team may not make a determination of placement at CSB without the agreement of CSB personnel.

Authority cited:

Education Code 59020


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(Added by Register 2007, No. 33.)