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Article 2. California School For The Blind. Eligibility for Enrollment in CSB's Day Program.   

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Applicants may be considered for admission if they can demonstrate they will benefit educationally from the CSB instructional program by showing:

(a) Applicant demonstrates that his or her primary educational needs are related to a severe sensory loss such that it affects the pupil's ability to access the general education or alternative curriculum.

(b) The ability to attend to non-visual stimuli.

(c) The ability to benefit from disability-specific instruction, as demonstrated by the following:

(1) potential to learn Braille, potential to use low vision aids;

(2) potential to benefit from expanded core curriculum instruction; and

(3) potential to benefit from adaptations to the environment.

(d) The ability to learn simple mobility patterns and routes around campus, as demonstrated by the following:

(1) The potential to use the white cane;

(2) The potential to orient self in space;

(3) The potential to learn own body and body parts; and

(4) The potential to learn concepts of directionality.

(e) Applicant demonstrates the ability to access the general education or alternative curriculum with reasonable accommodations without requiring a fundamental alteration of the educational program of CSB.

Authority cited

Education Code 59020


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(Added by Register 2007, No. 33.)